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Celebrating our 
fourth decade in St. Louis!


To find out why one should never mock the King, 
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By the King's Decree...

His entourage’ of merriment including

The lovely Serving Wenches and Patch Piece

will be there to Entertain and Delight you!



ll Hail, Lords and Ladies! 

Step back into 16th century England with King Henry VIII and his bevy of wenches!  It's a riotous night of bawdy merry making and song as you are transformed back to the days of yore!

Now in its fourth decade, The Royal Dumpe features the longest running show of its kind in the New World! 

Join us for a contagious evening of spontaneous fun for parties of all kinds. Whether you are celebrating a birthday or anniversary, or just in the mood for a jolly good time, you can have it all at The Royal Dumpe!

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